Photographs are often first thing the people look at when they open a magazine or advertisement.

They also make up the most shared content on social media.

For these reasons, your commercial photography needs to be of the highest quality.

Every photographic job is different in one way or another. 

Give me a call or email me to discuss your project.

I love talking about photography...


The following are guideline prices;

Professional photographer per day

Photography on location per day     £450.00    
Photography per hour     £85.00    
Post Production          
Retouching as briefed by the client     £45.00    
Travelling to the location per mile     £0.45    
Overnight accommodation     £95.00    
Freelance assistance     £125.00    
Archival digital prints          
A2 prints     £40.00    
A3 prints     £25.00    
A4 prints     £14.00    
A3 contact prints     £15.00    







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